TouchTable MultiPLAY products

Tangiamo’s MultiPLAY™ platform combines the experience of live table gaming with the latest advances in touch screen technology by merging traditional table games with a full sized, multi-player betting surface. While delivering the benefits of electronic gaming, such as increasing profitability and reduced time between games, the MultiPLAY™ platform keeps the core essence of live gaming that players enjoy.

MultiPLAY Auto

Due to automated bet and pay-out transactions the MultiPLAY™ Auto increases game turnover by reducing wasted time between games. Game turnover is further increased since all cash-ins and pay-outs are managed by the system rather than the dealer.

The MultiPLAY™ Auto also delivers maximum game security by taking control of all facets of the game, thereby eliminating the possibility of dealer errors and collusion. This enables the gaming staff to focus more on the customer experience rather than game supervision.

Full Automation in a well-balanced package. Tangiamo’s TouchTable MultiPLAY™ Auto is one of the latest addition to the MultiPLAY™ product lineup. It features a 55-inch LCD screen with 1920×1080 HD resolution and supports fully automated gameplay with a mechanical or virtual roulette wheel. All cash handling, winnings and payouts are fully automated by the MultiPLAY™ Auto system delivering total game security and substantially increased profitability for the operator.

MultiPLAY Quad HD

Tangiamo’s innovative Touch ID technology enables the MultiPLAY™ Quad HD to sense screen touches and at the same time identify the user. Players are able to enjoy the same experience as a traditional casino table with up to 7 players interacting on the same playing surface, each with his or her own player menu.

In addition, the MultiPLAY™ system can support a virtually unlimited number of configurations. Connect one, two or three MultiPLAY™ ’s to a single roulette wheel and/or dice shaker – support up to 21 players at the same time! The MultiPLAY™ UHD is also compatible with some of the leading single-player terminals in the market, further increasing the number of potential players.

The best Electronic Table Gaming Experience. Tangiamo’s TouchTable MultiPLAY™ UHD is an industry first combining a traditional casino gaming table with a full-sized electronic, multi-player betting surface operated by a live dealer/croupier. The 56-inch LCD screen boast a 3840×2160 UHD resolution enabling the highest quality in graphics and video rendering. The MultiPLAY™ system is also compatible with a wide range of roulette wheels and dice recognition systems, and can be configured for Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo with the possibility to change games within minutes.