Touch Technology

Tangiamo has developed unique patented sensor technology for touchscreen applications with multiple users. This technology can be used in screens down to tablet size or smaller. The core technology behind Tangiamo’s products was initially developed as part of a research project in complex systems and artificial intelligence at Chalmers University of Technology, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 2016–2018, Tangiamo will pursue a vigorous effort to further develop and package the technology so that it can be sold and integrated in products from other manufacturers. The advantage is that users can be individually distinguished and use gestures simultaneously to interact with the system.

This is not possible with the touch technology (projected capacitive) that dominates today’s market. Tangiamo’s technology can be regarded as the next generation of this technology. The target group for this new technology is all manufacturers of handheld devices, laptops and gaming platforms who want to introduce new functionalities.

The possibility of new functions with multiple users may be especially interesting when several people are playing together simultaneously, both for new computer games and electronic versions of classic board games on surfaces down to tablet size or smaller. Tangiamo has initiated discussions with several manufacturers of computer games about possible collaborations.

Large touchscreens that are designed for multiple users could also potentially be sold to office environments, to be used as electronic meeting tables etc., as well as to industrial environments with touchscreens adapted for command and control systems. Tangiamo’s goal is that this technology will be ready in prototype form in 2017 and to initiate commercial discussions with potential buyers.