Online Gaming

Our electronic table games create unique opportunities to build new links between the traditional casino and online gaming. Tangiamo has already developed a system that connects online gaming on mobiles and tablets to a specific table at a casino.

A table can also be linked to social media, such as Facebook, so that players at the table can invite friends to participate online. The online players profile picture can, if they choose to, be visualized on the table. This creates an exciting, interactive and involved gaming experience that appeals especially to a younger generation of players. The system is ready to be released, starting with pilot customers in the first quarter of 2017.

Tangiamo’s online gaming system can be used locally inside a casino or on a vessel, so that the game on a table can be played from a bar, hotel room or cabin.

The mobile game can also move outside the casino and be played remotely, wherever this is allowed by the local authorities. In countries where online gambling is not yet permitted, the system can be used for social gaming, i.e. casino entertainment without money bets.