Atomated Dice Recognition System. All players, from novice to high-roller, will be intrigued by this innovative, new approach to the games of Craps and Sic Bo. The live image of real dice projected on-screen and the sound of the dice shaker create a new and exciting atmosphere to the players.

The ADR system is currently available for the MultiPLAY™ Quad HD, which turns this product into a versatile system with the ability to switch between games within minutes. This gives gaming operators the ability to quickly meet customer demand and maximize profits.

Tangiamo’s Automated Recognition system brings the dice-based games of Craps and Sic BO to the MultiPLAY™ system, The ADR system attaches to a mechanical dice shaker and feeds a live image of the dice to the digital playing surface, which can be trough by a player. An Advanced, high precision recognition system tracks the outcome and feeds the results into the MultiPLAY™ system.