Wherever you are, let the games begin

OmniGaming by Tangiamo

OmniGaming by Tangiamo provides a seamless way for gaming operators to offer our exciting games to their regular and VIP customers anywhere within their premises. With our custom-developed Tangiamo tablet devices, players can now enjoy our games in the comfort of their hotel rooms, by the casino bar, or within the designated gaming area while watching their favorite sports games. Our OmniGaming system is safe and user-friendly, allowing players to access our games easily and securely.

To ensure the same level of excitement and fairness that your players experience on our MultiPLAY and Crystal platforms, all remote games are connected to live roulette wheels and automated dice shakers. These live components generate the outcomes for each game, making sure that players have a fair and authentic gaming experience no matter where they are within the premises.

By leveraging OmniGaming by Tangiamo, gaming operators can expand their player base, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth. Our solution offers the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors while offering an exciting and innovative gaming experience to your customers.

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