Beyond The Gold Standard

The evolution of the ‘gold standard’ in dice shakers, now with enhanced AI intelligence for an unmatched gaming experience.


Instant response time to increase the number of games per hour.

Simple to use

Easy to operate with an intuitive user interface for simple operation.

Easy to maintain

Simple maintenance ensures you are always operating at optimal levels.

Eliminating Human Error in Dice Games: Insights from Tangiamo's ADR Technology

Regardless of where the casino is on the map, dice games are always popular amongst players. However, one of the biggest challenges in conducting fair and accurate dice games is eliminating the possibility of human error. Inaccurate results can lead to disputes that damage a casino’s reputation and profitability. Tangiamo’s cutting-edge Dice Shaker and Automatic Dice Recognition (ADR) technology is a solution that ensures trustworthy gameplay.

Tangiamo’s ADR technology is an integrated system that accurately identifies the outcomes of dice rolls. Advanced algorithms enable the technology to analyze the roll and determine the outcome. The ADR technology is user-friendly and provides data that can be easily verified, ensuring that all gameplay is reliable and accurate.

With Tangiamo’s ADR technology, casino staff can easily manage the system with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. The ADR technology provides a quick, fair, and accurate outcome for the game, giving players peace of mind that the gameplay is reliable and the results are correct.

Tangiamo’s ADR technology is the leader in industry, providing accurate and reliable outcomes. With the ADR technology, casino operators can increase customer satisfaction, improve game management, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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