The gold standard for dice shakers and ADR

Tangiamo dice shakers are a cutting-edge solution for dice games. The system comprises an integrated, automated dice recognition (ADR) technology that accurately detects the outcome of rolls and eliminates any potential human error. The shakers are suitable for use in various settings, including traditional gaming tables and electronic gaming tables, and can be utilized in games such as Sic Bo, Craps, and other dice-based games. The fully automated nature of the system eliminates the need for manual input, making it easier for operators to manage games and keep track of results. Tangiamo dice shakers represent a significant upgrade for gaming establishments looking to enhance the player experience and streamline operations.

Open Dome

The Open Dome Dice Shaker with ADR technology is the latest dice shaker innovation from Tangiamo and represents a major advance in dice recognition technology. Designed specifically for use in fully automated gaming tables, the Open Dome ADR Dice Shaker provides a high-level of accuracy and efficiency in identifying the outcome of each dice roll. This system is easy to use and helps to eliminate human error, making it ideal for gaming establishments looking to streamline operations and enhance the player experience. With its innovative design and advanced technology, this product is setting a new standard for dice shakers and dice recognition systems in the gaming industry. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing table or install a new one, the Open Dome ADR Dice Shaker provides a reliable and effective solution for maximizing profits and ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Closed Dome

The first dice recognition system developed by Tangiamo and has since become a popular solution for Live Sic Bo tables worldwide.

In 2019, the company introduced the 2nd generation of the Closed Dome Dice Shaker, which was designed to improve upon the performance of the original system. The new version is equipped with advanced recognition technology, making it even more accurate and efficient. Today, it is widely used in major gaming destinations such as Macau and Singapore, where it is installed in abundance across various gaming establishments. The popularity of the Closed Dome Dice Shaker is a testament to its reliability, performance, and ease of use, making it a preferred solution for many operators in the gaming industry that can help you maximize your profits and enhance the player experience.

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